February 4, 2014 / Design / Inspiration

Happy Valentine’s Day from Past Forward!

Celebrate Valentine’s Day at home this year with hearts, flowers and more!

We’ve put together a beautiful collection of hardware inspired by the holiday to brighten your home.  Added bonus, these pieces will look good year-round, which is more than we can say for a box of chocolates!

Valentines Day Hardware


1. Brookmont Crystal Cabinet Knob; 2. Red Ceiling Fan; 3. Rose Drawer Pull; 4. Iron Heart Door Buzzer; 5. Iron Heart Hook; 6. Rose Cabinet Knob;  7. Red Glass Drawer Pull; 8. Chandelier with Porcelain Flowers; 9. Red Glass Cabinet Knob; 10. Rose Tinted Glass Shade; 11. Pressed Glass Flower Knob; 12. Manfred Floor Lamp; 13. Classic Rosette with Rose Knob; 14. Bowman Lamp

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