• Antique-By-Hand®

    At House of Antique Hardware there are no shortcuts to reproducing the past. To recreate the gentle, time-worn patina of genuine antique hardware we have developed Antique-By-Hand (ABH), an exclusive five-step finishing process. If you strive for authenticity in your project, whether it’s a historical restoration or a new home in a vintage style, our […]

  • Made in the USA

    We believe in our country and a strong economy. Keeping jobs in the states is important, as future generations of US citizens depend on American manufacturing to remain strong.   That’s why we provide a wide selection of American-made hardware and lighting. From impressive cast bronze door handles to beautifully hand stamped tin lanterns, we have […]

  • Create your own House Under the Hill

    Home Hardware inspired by The Hobbit In honor of The Hobbit recently hitting theaters, we thought it would be fun to show off some of our hobbit-esque products that look like they’ve come straight from the movie set. Sure, we have a wide variety of styles in our collection but these ones are too precious […]

  • DIY not?

    More interested in getting your hands dirty than paying someone else? Want to add that custom touch without constantly bugging your contractor? We hear you! House of Antique Hardware wants to help you in your journey to a more unique home by offering video tutorials of installation, access to Hardware Specialists and monthly tips and […]

  • Instructional Videos

    Part of our commitment to service is making sure the customer is able to install our product with the same attention to detail afforded to the product itself. We are in the process of deploying a number of instructional videos to help homeowners of all DIY levels beautify their home on a professional level. You […]