January 13, 2014 / Inspiration / News / Spotlight

Made in the USA

We believe in our country and a strong economy. Keeping jobs in the states is important, as future generations of US citizens depend on American manufacturing to remain strong.   That’s why we provide a wide selection of American-made hardware and lighting. From impressive cast bronze door handles to beautifully hand stamped tin lanterns, we have just what you’re looking for, made right here in the USA!

Since the construction boom of the late 1860s, America has been a leader in producing high quality hardware. By the end of the civil war Americans no longer felt the need to replicate the styles and constructs of the old world, creating new designs and flourishes that were uniquely American. Companies like P & F Corbin out of New Briton, Connecticut developed products and processes never before seen.


P&F Corbin Manufactory New Briton Ct.

Founded by two brothers in 1848, the P & F Corbin Manufactury went from casting caps for the horns of oxen and steer to full range of Victorian door and window hardware. The Corbin’s spent almost fifty five years improving both the quality and aesthetic value of their hardware lines.

Following the same standards, House of Antique Hardware continues this tradition of craftsmanship, can-do spirit and the American sense of free expression.