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Downton Abbey Decor

When the new season of PBS’s Downton Abbey finally premiered, we couldn’t help but notice the stunning similarities between the set and our current line of decorative hardware products. Check out the gallery below to see exactly what we mean.

The Jewels:

One of the first things you’ll notice is the glamorous diamonds and tiaras of Downton Abbey’s leading characters. It may be a bit cliché to say that hardware is like jewelry for the home, but based on these sparkling chandeliers and crystal knobs, it clearly rings true.

The Jewels of Downton Abbey


Find these products on our site: 1. German Crystal Knobs; 2. Crystal Wall Sconce; 3. Crystal Basket Chandelier; 4. Pressed Flower Knob; 5. Flush Mount Crystal Fixture; 6. Etched Crystal Knob; 7. Black and Crystal Chandelier

Image credits: Lady Mary; Violet; Lady Mary and Matthew; Cora


Lady Mary Crawley:

Perhaps the most glamorous of them all, Lady Mary Crawley and her ultra elegant accessories are rife with eye-catching detail. Although you might not want to wear our hand-finished knobs and pulls, these pieces are so beautiful you just might be tempted.

Lady Mary's Jewels

Find these products on our site: 1. Onyx Cabinet Knob; Onyx Pull;  2. Pewter Renaissance Cabinet Knob; Pewter Renaissance Pull; 3. Lily Cabinet Knob; Lily Pull

Image credits: Lady Mary in Black; Lady Mary in Silver; Lady Mary in Choker Necklace


The Home Décor:

While the grand country estate of Downton Abbey would be impossible to replicate without winning the lottery, our reproduction hardware pieces can do wonders for capturing the abbey’s Neo-Gothic splendor in your own home.

Downton Abbey's Highclere Castle

Find these products on our site: 1. Gothic Shelf Bracket; 2. Fleur-de-lis Cabinet Knob; 3. Oxford Entry Door Set; 4. Fleur-de-lis  Label Holder; 5. Cast Iron Floor Grate; 6. Montparnasse Chandelier

 Image credits: Highclere Castle ExteriorDownton Abbey Cast; Highclere Castle Interior


The Drawing Room:

One of our favorite rooms in the entire manor, the drawing room is a lovely example of the refined elegance of French inspired decorating – a style that we’ve proudly replicated in the classic collection below.

Downton Abbey Drawing Room

Find these products on our site: 1. French Crystal Chandelier; 2. Queen Anne Ceiling Medallion; 3. Victorian Picture Hanging Kit; 4. Regency Picture Rail Hook; 5. Rococo Wall Sconce; 6. Queensway Cabinet Knob; 7. Scroll Pattern Rim Lock; 8. Queensway Drawer Pull; 9. Fairfax Table Lamp

 Image credits: Downton Abbey Drawing Room; Ladies in Drawing Room


The Stairs:

Just because stairs are all about function doesn’t mean they can’t be a fine display of fashion. Just as the Downton Abbey staircase is a flagship piece of the home’s grand entrance, you too can add a touch of Edwardian elegance to your stairs with some of our favorite accessories.

Downton Abbey's Grand Stairway

Find these products on our site: 1. Dresden Candle Sconce; 2. Urn-tipped Stair Rod; 3. Ornate Victorian Handrail Bracket

 Image credit: Downton Abbey Staircase


The Downstairs & Kitchen:

As we’ve discovered within the series, not all of the action is happening upstairs. Although it may not be as extravagant as the upstairs décor, there is an undeniably charming look to the manor house kitchen below the stairs.

Downton Abbey Kitchen

Find these products on our site: 1. Holophane Glass Shade; 2. Edwardian Kitchen Pendant; 3. Oak Scroll Design Corbel; 4. Bell on Curled Iron Strap; 5. Oak Drawer Pull

 Image credits: Downton Abbey Kitchen; Bells

We hope you’ve enjoyed this gallery of home hardware inspired by the hit series Downton Abbey. We’re excited to watch as season four progresses and we look forward to all the decorative eye-candy along the way!

To get more Downton Abbey inspiration, check out our Pinterest Board!

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